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Get a Hassle-Free Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate in London

Don’t leave your commercial or residential space in London vulnerable to potential electrical hazards. An EICR from Landlord Certification provides a comprehensive assessment of your electrical system, identifying any issues that could pose a risk.

Value That Doesn’t Short-Circuit Your Wallet

We believe peace of mind shouldn’t come at a premium.


£ 79.99


£ 149.99

Fuse Box Installation

£ 299.99

Portable Appliance Test

£ 59.99

Electric Diagnostics

£ 84.99

If you’re looking for an Electrical Safety Certificate? We Got You Plugged In!!!

Dodgy electrics got you feeling a bit... unchill? Don't worry, we have all been there. A faulty wire here, a flickering light there. It's enough to make anyone sweat.
That's where an Electrical Safety Certificate Landlord comes in, like a superhero cape for your London-based property. It sniffs out any electrical dangers lurking in the shadows, keeping your tenants safe and your stress levels low.
Don't let electrical anxieties keep you up at night. Schedule your Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate London inspection today and transform your London property from a potential liability into a safe and compliant haven.

Domestic EICR (Electrical Installation Condition Report)

Does the occasional flicker from your lights cause a flicker of concern? Perhaps an appliance seems to be running a little hotter than usual. When it comes to your home’s electrical system, even minor inconsistencies can be a cause for investigation. A Domestic Electrical Installation Condition Report (EICR) provides a comprehensive assessment of your property’s electrical safety.

This legally mandated report, crucial for all UK homeowners, identifies any potential electrical hazards that could pose a risk to your safety and the security of your property. Our team of fully qualified and insured electricians will meticulously inspect every aspect of your electrical system, from the fuse box to individual sockets and switches.

Get a Modern Fuse Box Installed!

Worried about an outdated fuse box putting your home at risk? We can help! Our team specialises in installing modern fuse boxes that meet all safety standards and regulations. Not only will a new box improve your property’s electrical performance, but it will also keep everyone safe.

We work quickly and efficiently, minimising disruption during the installation. Trust us to deliver a safe, compliant solution meeting London’s regulations. Upgrade your property value and peace of mind with a brand-new fuse box!

Get a PAT Test!

Landlord Certification goes beyond just certificates! We offer comprehensive Portable Appliance Testing (PAT), a vital service to ensure the safety of electrical appliances in your London-based commercial and residential property.
Think of it as a health check for your toasters, kettles, and everything. Our qualified engineers will meticulously inspect each appliance, testing for any potential electrical faults that could lead to a fire or injury.

It’s not just about protecting your tenants (though their safety is paramount!). A PAT test is a legal requirement in some circumstances and a wise investment for any landlord.
Don’t wait for a nasty surprise. Schedule your PAT test today!

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

As London’s leading electrical specialists, Landlord Certification offers rapid issuance of Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates (EICRs). These certificates demonstrate your property’s compliance with current electrical safety regulations.

Our highly skilled electricians conduct comprehensive inspections, meticulously examining all fixed electrical components. This includes wiring, sockets, light fittings, and the consumer unit (fuse box). An EICR is not just a symbol of your commitment to tenant safety. It’s also a legal requirement to rent a property in the UK.
Landlord Certification simplifies the process. We guarantee a prompt and efficient inspection, ensuring you receive your EICR quickly. This keeps your tenants safe and provides you with peace of mind.

Get Fast Emergency Electrician Help

Facing an electrical nightmare? Electrical emergencies can be stressful and disruptive, from flickering lights to complete power outages. But don’t lose your spark! Landlord Certification offers rapid response emergency electrician services across London, available 24/7.

We will dispatch a certified professional straight to your doorstep, no matter the time of day or night. They will quickly diagnose the problem, ensuring your safety and minimising disruption to your home or business.
Don’t wait for a small issue to snowball into a major problem.
Landlord Certification is here to get your power back on and your peace of mind restored. Call us now and let our expert electricians illuminate your way out of any electrical emergency.

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Why Choose Landlord Certification For Your London Electrical Safety Needs?

Don’t settle for just any electrical safety provider. At Landlord Certification, we’ve been London’s leading experts in landlord property inspections and EICRs (Landlord Electrical Safety Certificates) for years.

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Safety First

Our unwavering commitment to safety prioritises the well-being of your tenants and the security of your London rental investment.

Professional Expertise

Don’t settle for second-rate. Our team boasts highly-qualified electricians who deliver comprehensive inspections and expert advice.

Peace of Mind

Relax and breathe easy. Landlord Certification takes the stress out of electrical safety, ensuring your property adheres to regulations and keeping everyone safe.

Quick and Reliable

Time is precious. We offer fast and efficient services, delivering your certificates promptly and minimising disruption.

Compliance Guaranteed

No more confusion or worries. We guarantee your property meets all legal electrical safety requirements in London.

Affordable Solutions

Peace of mind doesn’t have to break the bank. Our competitive pricing ensures you get exceptional value for your electrical safety needs.

Don’t wait for a shocker!
Landlord Certification makes electrical safety a breeze.

Your Questions. Our Answers.

What is a Portable Appliance Test (PAT)?

A Portable Appliance Test (PAT) is a visual inspection and electrical safety test conducted on portable electrical appliances.  The purpose of a PAT is to identify potential electrical hazards, such as faulty wiring, damaged plugs, or loose connections, which could lead to electrical shocks or fires.

Who Needs Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

Any business or organisation in London that utilises portable electrical appliances has a responsibility to ensure the safety of their equipment and employees. This includes but is not limited to, offices, schools, factories, construction sites, and rental properties.

What Appliances Require Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

PAT testing is recommended for a wide range of portable electrical appliances, including:

  • Computers and monitors
  • Printers and photocopiers
  • Kettles and toasters
  • Hairdryers and straighteners
  • Power tools and extension cords

How Often Do I Need Portable Appliance Testing (PAT)?

The frequency of PAT testing depends on the type of appliance and the environment in which it is used. Generally, high-risk appliances used frequently require more frequent testing (e.g., every 6 months). Lower-risk appliances used less often may require testing every year or two. Landlord Certification can advise on the recommended testing frequency for your specific circumstances.

What are the Benefits of Portable Appliance Testing (PAT) in London?

Regular PAT testing offers a multitude of benefits, including:

  • Enhanced Safety: Identifying and addressing potential electrical hazards significantly reduces the risk of workplace accidents caused by faulty appliances.
  • Reduced Fire Risk: Early detection of electrical faults minimises the potential for fires, protecting property and lives.
  • Compliance with Regulations: In some cases, PAT testing may be a legal requirement, depending on your industry or insurance regulations.