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Get Fire Safety Certificates in London from Experts!

Fire Safety Certificates are essential for landlords in London. Landlord Certification can help! We conduct thorough fire safety inspections of your commercial and domestic properties, ensuring they meet all legal requirements.

Top-Class Service. Low Packages!

We don’t speak for the price for fire safety certificate. Our thorough inspection speaks.

Our Prices for Smoke Detector Certificate

Upto 3 Detectors

£ 79.99

Upto 5 Detectors

£ 99.99

Upto 10 Detectors

£ 149.99

10+ Detectors
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Our Prices for Fire Alarm Certificate & Services

Upto 6 Detectors Certificate

£ 149.99

Upto 6 Detectors Certificate with Servicing

£ 199.99

Upto 12 Detectors Certificate

£ 199.99

Upto 12 Detectors Certificate with Servicing

£ 249.99

Know the Importance of Fire Safety Certificates in London!

Living in London? Fire safety shouldn't be a headache! Forget stressing about complicated regulations – a Fire Safety Certificate in London takes care of that. Think of it as a thumbs-up from fire safety experts, saying your place is hazard-free and ready for your tenants.
Landlord Certification makes getting a Fire Safety Certificate in London a breeze. Our quick inspections identify any potential issues, keeping your property safe and you worry-free.

Inspection in Fire Safety Certificate

Don’t worry about fire safety turning into a total hassle! Our Fire Safety Certificate inspections in London are quick and to the point.

Forget that spring cleaning. We’re about to give your whole place a fire safety inspection.

During your FRA, our inspectors will be like Sherlock Holmes, scrutinising everything from fire doors and escape routes to hidden nooks and crannies. No fire hazard will escape their keen eyes!

We will ensure everything is shipshape for a safe escape, including doors that function smoothly and clear pathways. We will also double-check that all the safety signage is up-to-date and easy to understand. Think of it as a fire safety audit, leaving you with a clean bill of health (and a safer place to live)!

During your FRA, our inspectors act like fire safety detectives. Nothing escapes their scrutiny – electrical issues, hidden dangers behind walls, or even overflowing storage blocking escape routes. We identify these hazards during the FRA, empowering you to create a safe and compliant property.

Basically, we make sure everything’s tip-top so you can relax knowing your property is safe, and that makes a Fire Safety Certificate a golden paper for landlords in London.

Timeline in Fire Safety Certificate?

After our fire safety inspection, receiving your Fire Safety Certificate won’t take long. We will promptly assess your property and compile a detailed report.

If everything meets regulations, you’ll typically receive your official Fire Safety Certificate within a few working days. 

In the rare case any minor improvements are needed, we will clearly outline the steps required. Once these are completed and re-inspected (if necessary), you’ll receive your certificate swiftly.

Fire Safety Makes Cents

Smart landlords in London understand the importance of fire safety. It’s not just about protecting lives. It’s about protecting your bottom line. Did you know securing a valid Fire Safety Certificate through a comprehensive Fire Risk Assessment (FRA) can translate to significant financial savings? Many insurance companies recognise the proactive approach to fire safety demonstrated by an FRA and reward responsible landlords with lower insurance premiums.

Don’t wait for a fire to understand the value of fire safety.

Understanding BS 5839 Fire Safety Certificate London for Buildings

What is BS 5839?

BS 5839 refers to a British Standard outlining recommendations for the design, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of fire detection and alarm systems in buildings.

What is a BS 5839 Fire Safety Certificate London?

BS 5839 Fire Safety Certificate is a document issued by a qualified professional stating that a fire detection and alarm system within a building complies with the recommendations of BS 5839.

Why is it Important?

Obtaining a BS 5839 Fire Safety Certificate London demonstrates your commitment to fire safety best practices and can offer several benefits:

  • Enhanced Fire Safety:
    A properly designed and maintained fire alarm system significantly increases the chances of early fire detection, leading to faster evacuation and potentially less damage.
  • Insurance Benefits:
    Some insurance companies might offer reduced premiums for buildings with compliant fire alarm systems.
  • The Takeaway:
    BS 5839 Fire Safety Certificate signifies a proactive approach to fire safety within your building. It demonstrates a commitment to occupant safety and can offer practical and financial advantages.

Don’t Risk It.

Get Your Fire Safety Certificate Today!


Why Hire Landlord Certificates?

Skip the fire safety maze! Landlord Certification takes the hassle out of obtaining your Fire Safety Certificate.

Get Cert Now!
Affordable Pricing

We offer competitive rates for thorough fire safety inspections.

Transparent procedures

We clearly explain each step of the fire safety inspection process.

Prompt certification

Receive your fire safety certificate quickly and efficiently.

Compliance with Regulations

Gain peace of mind knowing your property meets all fire safety standards.

Compliance with regulations

Gain peace of mind knowing your property meets all fire safety.

Safety all year round

Protect your tenants and your investment with a valid fire safety certificate.

Don’t settle for smoke and mirrors.

Get crystal-clear fire safety with Landlord Certification. ️

Your Questions. Our Answers

Do I need a Fire Safety Certificate for my property?

In London, most buildings require a valid Fire Safety Certificate. This includes residential rental properties, commercial buildings, and public spaces. Check with your local Fire and Rescue Service or a qualified inspector to confirm the specific requirements for your property.

How often do I need to renew my Fire Safety Certificate?

Fire Safety Certificates typically expire after one year. To maintain compliance, it’s crucial to schedule a renewal inspection annually.

What happens if I don't have a Fire Safety Certificate?

Failing to obtain a fire safety certificate is a legal non-compliance and could lead to fines or prosecution. Additionally, it puts occupants at risk and might affect your building insurance or ability to sell or rent your property.

What does the fire safety inspection involve?

A fire safety inspection typically includes a thorough assessment of your building’s fire alarms, detection systems, and escape routes. The inspector will also check for potential fire hazards and ensure your property meets all relevant fire safety regulations.