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EICR Commercial Property

Keep your business buzzing, not sparking! An EICR Commercial Property in London ensures your electrics are safe and legal. Less stress, more success!

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Don’t break the bank for safety!

We offer budget-friendly EICR Commercial Property packages to keep your commercial property safe and compliant. Get a quote today!

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Ensure Safety Compliance with a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate!

Hey there! Need a safety boost for your business? Get sorted with our Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate. It's the ticket to keeping your workplace safe and sound.

Safeguard your commercial property in London

Looking to safeguard your commercial property in London? Look no further than Landlord Certification for your Electrical Safety Certificate.
Our top-notch service ensures your property meets all safety regulations, keeping your commercial property secure. With our expert team on the job, you can relax knowing your electrical systems are up to scratch. Don’t risk fines or safety hazards.

Avoid potential hazards and legal complications by entrusting Landlord Certification with your property’s safety.
Get in touch today to schedule your Commercial Electrical Installation Certificate assessment and keep your commercial property secure and compliant.

Getting Your Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report Sorted

  • Booking a breeze
    Just give us a shout and pick a time that works for you. We will send a top-notch electrician to swing by your commercial pad for your Commercial Electric Service.
  • Inspection Mission Go!
    Our electricians will meticulously examine all your electrics from wires and sockets to lights and the whole kit and kaboodle. Nothing dodgy escapes their eagle eyes!
  • Report Time
    Once the inspection’s done, you will get a clear report on Commercial Electrical Installation Certificate letting you know if everything’s tip-top or if anything needs fixing.
  • Certification Celebration!
    If everything’s sorted (or once any bits are fixed), we will give you your Electrical Safety Certificate Commercial Property. This proves your electrics are safe and sound, just the way regulations like them!
  • Simple, stress-free, sorted!
    We make sure your commercial property’s electrics are safe and compliant. No sweat! Let us handle it, so you can focus on running your awesome business.

Why You Need Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate in London?

Running a business in London? A Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) is your secret weapon against electrical nightmares.

Here’s why:

  • Insurance Savvy
    Many insurance companies require a valid ESC for coverage. No certificate, no payout if something goes wrong. Get yours sorted and avoid a financial headache!
  • Future-Proof Your Business
    Electrical regulations change, and an ESC ensures your wiring meets the latest standards. This keeps you compliant and avoids costly rewiring down the line.
  • Happy Landlords, Happy Life
    If you are renting your commercial space, some landlords require a valid ESC. Get one and avoid any potential lease hassles. Keep your landlord happy and focus on growing your business!

An ESC is an investment in the safety, compliance, and overall smooth running of your London business.

Who Needs a Commercial Electrical Installation Condition Report?

Think EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Reports) are just for dusty old buildings? Think again!  In London, keeping your commercial electrics safe and sound is a must-have, and an EICR is your secret weapon. 

But who exactly needs one?

Business Owners, Unite!
Whether you are running a swanky office or a quirky café, you are likely on the hook for an EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report).  It helps ensure your electrics meet safety regulations, protecting your staff, customers, and your entire operation from potential electrical hazards. 

Think of it as a superhero cape for your business!

Landlords, Don’t Get Left in the Dark!
If you are renting out commercial space, an EICRs (Electrical Installation Condition Report) is often a requirement for your tenants.  Providing a valid certificate demonstrates your commitment to safety and helps avoid any lease disagreements.

Not Sure? We’ve Got You Covered!
Even if you are unsure if you need an EICR, our friendly team can help!  Contact us today.

We will guide you through the process and ensure your London business stays safe, compliant, and ready to shine!

Power Up Safety

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Importance of Commercial Electrical Installation Certificate Report

A Commercial Electric Service inspection is used to identify the defects, wear, and tear of wires as all the wiring is underground. It is used to test the regularity of the electrical system. Electrical Safety Certificate Commercial Property is an essential part of the building as it enables the risk of injury and death and keeps safe electrical installation. Your satisfaction and safety are our priority

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Your Questions. Our Answers!

What is a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate, and why is it necessary?

A Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate is a document that verifies the safety and compliance of electrical installations in commercial properties. It ensures that electrical systems meet regulatory standards, reducing the risk of electrical hazards and promoting a safe working environment for employees and visitors.

Who needs to obtain a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate in London?

Any business or property owner operating a commercial property in London is required to obtain a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate. This includes retail stores, offices, restaurants, and other commercial establishments where electrical installations are present.

How often should a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate be renewed?

The frequency of renewing a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate varies depending on the type of property and its usage. In general, it is recommended to renew the certificate every 3 to 5 years or whenever there are significant alterations or additions to the electrical installations.

Can any electrician conduct a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate inspection?

No, only qualified and registered electricians with expertise in commercial electrical installations should conduct Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate inspections. It is essential to hire professionals who are familiar with the specific requirements and regulations applicable to commercial properties.

What does a Commercial Electrical Safety Certificate inspection involve?

During the inspection, the electrician will assess the condition of electrical wiring, circuits, distribution boards, and other electrical components in the commercial property. They will identify any defects, potential hazards, or non-compliance issues and provide recommendations for remedial action to ensure safety and compliance.